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Boards, Platters, and Bowls, Oh My!

It’s the time of year when friends come calling, sweaters and scarves and coziness are piled high, and costumes are de rigeur. For us, autumn has always been about abundance. Celebrating the wealth of the harvest season. Embracing the grand entrance of the holidays. Tasting the calories that are so mouthwateringly worth it. We’re here to celebrate all the people we love. And we’re inviting them over to feed them, of course.

It’s during these casual stop-in get-togethers that we love to pull out a few trusty pieces and arrange an enviable spread. These are our strongest allies when the weather turns crispy–and when you want to prop your feet up with a glass of wine after your get-together, rather than dealing with a mountain of dishes.

Boards & Platters

Marble Serving Platter The charcuterie board–it’s an entertainer’s secret weapon that pulls no punches. You don’t need elaborate seasonal trays to fit the autumn holidays. You just need a board or serving platter–like a warm, two-tone wood or a hefty marble hexagon piled with your favorite cheeses and cured meats. Voila–instant style and class, via a classic piece that you’ll use in myriad ways all year long. Our selection of boards and serving platters makes a great starting place, but don’t hesitate to raid your cupboards, too; with a fresh coat of mineral oil, your butcher block or other wooden cutting boards will work beautifully as well!


LWood serving tray and ceramic-lined wood bowlike boards, accent bowls are perfect for adding a touch of panache to your spread. Dips, spices, sauces, and even finger foods like grapes, chocolate-covered crickets, and candied eyeballs are all great candidates for an eye-catching bowl placed here and there (hey, ’tis the season!). We love the warmth and punchiness of our colorful enamel-lined wooden bowls for chocolates and other small finger foods that don’t merit their own board space. Explore our entire bowl collection here for more ideas!


Oh My!

Black Mod Wood Charcuterie BoardStop-in entertaining this time of year is all about finger foods that guests can easily grab while wandering, mingling, and drifting in and out. The Kitchn has a fantastic guide to putting together a gorgeous cheese board, as well as a more robust snack platter, if that’s what you’re going for. It’s hard to go wrong with this style of spread, but keep in mind that this is the season of abundance, of stocking up, indulging, and feasting before the winter makes its move. So, don’t hold back as you pile your boards with deliciousness. Your guests will thank you.

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