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Creating Holiday Memories Around The Table

Life revolves around the table during the winter months. This is the time for feasting. For slowing down to share old memories with family and friends–and to create new memories. During the holiday season, life at our table takes many forms, from gingerbread house construction and DIY holiday crafts with the kids to long, lingering dinners over mouthwatering food, good wine, and even better conversation. Sometimes it’s elegant; sometimes it’s noisy; sometimes it’s a mess. At all times, though, it’s the place where everyone keeps coming back to gather to nourish their body and soul.

These are just a few of our favorite products and strategies to keep the table looking like the beautiful centerpiece it already is, whether you’re building the gingerbread house of the century, playing a game of Risk, or hosting a Christmas Eve party.

Hand-carved Wooden Spoons and Bowls

Gingerbread House Mansions

Using eye-catching bowls like these and these to hold your confectionary building supplies helps keep everything sorted while you’re building your masterpiece. And assembling your house on a gorgeous board like our marble hexagon platter is a great way to show it off to full advantage, no matter where you plan to relocate it once the royal icing sets. Assemble everything on a washable tablecloth, and post-construction cleanup will be a snap.

Fall Candle with Decorative Matches

Candlelit Dinners

As the days grow shorter and most dinners are eaten well after sunset, candles can add instant elegance and glow to your table. This year, don’t wait until you’re hosting a party to get out the matches. Lighting candles even on ordinary fall and winter evenings is a great way to slow down and signal to yourself (and your family) that your table is an unhurried, calm space to relax and enjoy.

Lighting a candle is particularly fun when you have fancy matches and great scents to liven things up, but unscented tapers or inexpensive tea lights dropped into festive votives along the center of your table will also do the trick.

Basement Game Table

Family Game Nights

Gathering around the table for a game of Risk, Scrabble, or Apples to Apples is one of our favorite family traditions–a way for generations to connect, to set down the screens and devices and laugh together while making new memories.

For family game nights, bowls and trays of snacks and plenty of space to play are of vital importance, so we keep our everyday table decor simple and straightforward. Warm, textile placemats and a table runner with a vase of eucalyptus keep the table looking festive and classy, but can also be easily set on a sideboard or bar when it’s time to break the games out.

Formal Dining Table for the Holidays

Sophisticated Gatherings

When you’re scaling up to entertain larger groups of friends and family at home, it’s easy to set the scene with a few finishing touches that make your holiday party the most memorable of the season. Now is the time to lower the lights, light all the candles in the candelabra (one of our most-complimented pieces to date), put together all the favorite hors’ d’oeuvres, set the table with our holiday best, and start the music.

The rest–the conversation, the friendships, and the memories–happen naturally. That’s the magic of the season.

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