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Fall Décor Tips: Bringing the Outdoors In

Fall is in full swing, which means one thing: You are about to have a lot of guests at your home. Whether they are stopping by for some hot chocolate or coming over for a family gathering, you have one chance to make a first impression. The fall decorating you do to your entryway sets the tone for the entire visit, so you want to make sure yours makes your guests feel welcome while helping them sense the spirit of the season. From your stoop to your entryway to your mudroom, here are the three home interiors decor tips you need to follow to make sure your entryway aptly greets your guests:

Start with Shades of Fall

Warm and inviting, the shades of fall are magical. When people see the hues of deep reds, soft yellows, and dark oranges, they instantly feel at home. Incorporate these colors in your entryway wherever you can. Some simple ideas for the stairs include a display of wool baskets filled with seasonal gourds or a pathway of orange mums in chic planters. Inside, you can tie in burgundy candles or yellow accent rugs, partnered with rich background colors.

Mudroom Storage Closet

Bring on the Benches, Storage, & Pillows

To make it simple for your guests to get situated, you will want to make sure to include ample comfortable seating and storage in your entryway or mudroom. Something as simple as a bench with a shoe rack and coat hanger will suffice, but for the biggest wow factor, splurge for some custom built furniture that fits the space perfectly. Incorporate room for everything your guests may need to put down, such as their shoes, jackets, purses, etc. Accent the piece with the pillows carrying in the warm colors mentioned above and your entryway will be set.


Decorative Pillows and Throws

Finish with the Floor

The flooring you choose makes a huge impact on your finished look. Since you probably don’t want to completely redo your floor for one season, the best option is to equip the room with a kilim rug. Look for a kilim rug that ties together the reds, oranges, and yellows of your entryway, while staying true to the style of your home’s interior décor (you want it all to blend well). Ideally, the rug would be large enough to fill most of the space in your mudroom or entryway, but if that is not possible, it is okay to mix and match a few different rugs as long as the colors complement each other.

Entryway Storage

Fall decorating is a simple way to bring in the season with style. It will make your guests feel welcome and it will ensure you can proudly invite anyone over no matter what the occasion. Find some incredible fall decorating pieces to get you started in our fall collection.


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